Windhover Estate

the Waters is set on the edge of Windhover Estate, a 10 hectare property on the seaward side of Kina Peninsula.

Windhover is a olive grove, orchard and vineyard, and guests of THE WATERS are free to stroll(*) among the vines and olives, and enjoy the majestic setting, surrounded by mountains and sea. Windhover Villa is available for rent.

Windhover Villa at Windhover Estate commands sweeping views of the surrounding countryside, and is the home of the Ebner Family. The main house is available to rent in whole or in part. A Courtyard Studio, with kitchnette, and one Guest Suite, both with stunning views, are a perfect setting for two couples on vacation. Please check our rates and availability for further details, or view our accommodation pages for more information about the studio and guest rooms.

(* for your own safety, please always check with the office before you venture onto the grounds of the estate, as there may be tractors or other agricultural activity that may pose a hazard)

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Windhover Estate and Villa

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